Ash Adamson
Ash Adamson
Life coach for entrepreneurs, risk takers, and LGTBTQ+

Find your center.

Own your power.

Walk your path.

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Your journey will test you

Walking your path takes a lot of energy.

The unknown is a daunting prospect. Stepping into it takes courage and also a lot of effort to do it consistently. It’s sometimes better to bring someone along. Someone who can be your mirror. Someone who can help you navigate the unknown.

My philosophy

The secret to achieving life satisfaction is feeling whole. To feel whole we must let go of our own incompleteness. That means integrating our internal world with the external world. Realizing that our relationships in one area can reflect our relationship in another. The way you treat others is the way you treat yourself. I’m here to drive alignment towards a version of the world where we all walk with integrity and speak our truth.

My coaching style →



I believe everyone has a higher calling, a purpose. By aligning with our own purpose we can reach the highest level of satisfaction by walking the path of our personal truth.


We are social creatures. Life is worth living because of the connections we share it with. Relationships to others can be a great teacher to yourself.


It’s in our nature to be creative and destructive. Working with these aspects of our self can help us gain deeper insight into what we are creating and how we’re spending our energy.